Sunday, August 17, 2008

Overview of steps to promote the website

Okay. Enough background for the moment. What specifically have we done to publicise the website so far:
  1. we've put the web address on cards, stationery, etc (not so great at getting new patients but certainly reminds everyone you deal with that you have a website).
  2. I've submitted the site to a number of free web directories (both health related and general)
  3. we've hired a company to do copywriting for the site, developing the content and some basic search engine optimisation (this really gave us a great base on which to build)
  4. I've read a lot about search engine optimisation (probably not enough but you could spend your entire life trying to understand the latest and greatest techniques to make your site search engine friendly)
  5. I've dabbled with Google Adwords (ie actually paying Google to promote the website when people search for certain terms)
  6. I've spend an inordinate amount of time optimising the website - looking at search engine rankings, Google Adwords keywords and generally mucking about on the content of the website
There are a few other things we've done but let's work through these first to keep the narrative in some kind of order. At the end I'll try to sum up on the most effective measures I've found.

By the way the website is Obstetrics & Gynaecology Consulting Group ( Have a look and tell me what you think - it will change quite frequently as I continue to implement some of the techniques I have learnt and try new things. It is our guinea pig for measuring some real before and after scenarios.

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  1. Hi Ben,

    These steps are very useful and practicable. The other thing that is very handy for building up web traffic is having links to your website from other site, directories and blogs. This helps potential customers and search engines (like Google) find your site. But it also helps improve the importance (PageRank) that Google assigns your site. The more links, the higher the Google PageRank, the higher in Google searches your page will appear.

    Blogs and directories are a great way to achieve this. But always remember to include a link to your site in the listing or message, ie like the one I have included at the end of this comment.


  2. Hi Ben

    I forgot to do something very important. In some Blogs you need to put your web address into some HTML Code to make it visible to search engines.

    Name or title you want to appear to the reader

    Here is an example of this working for a link to my web site:
    Natural Organic Skin Care and Make Up

    Thanks Paul