Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Generating Traffic using Articles

I've read a lot about how articles are supposed to generate 'link bait' which attracts people to a website. This is part of a broader strategy of having content that people are interested in on your site that will be indexed and searched on the internet.

We've got a few articles together that I'm going to test over the next few months. I won't know the results for a while but I'll tell you how we go.

The articles I have to play with are:
We're going to try a number of active strategies including:
- linking to the articles from forums and blogs
- publishing articles on online article directories (where people can pick up and republish your article if they attribute you as the source)
- answering questions that people ask on the internet and include a link to the primary source.
- seeing if we can list articles on Wikipedia or Knol (Google's equivalent of Wikipedia)

We'll also keep a control that we don't do anything for to use as a base line measure of visitors.

Sing out if you have any thoughts about specific places we ought to post the articles.

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