Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting the best bang for buck with Google AdWords

If you were running a business of selling search advertising you'd tell people in these current economic times how to spend less money and get better results, right?

That is exactly what the Google Adwords team is doing at the moment. 

Some would say this is counterproductive and only going to reduce their revenue. However, they'd much rather keep you as an advertising customer than lose you completely or have you spend more of your budget on other advertising media. 

And let's face it when you get right down to it, that is where search engine advertising excels - demonstrating ROI over other options by bringing people who already have an interest in the keyword you are advertising for rather than spraying the message out to a large audience who may have no interest.

The six Adwords tips come with visual prompters (I like them as a way of being clear about the concept in a succinct way) and links to more detailed resources. They are obvious steps you should already be implementing and a few tips thrown in for these economic times and thepublic's changing needs.

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