Friday, May 22, 2009

GP Website Option: Your Health newsletter service

Here is one way to get a medical website built for you for Australian GPs.

YourHealth is actually a subscription newsletter service that you pay for so that you can send relevant news in a hardcopy newletter format to your patients four times a year if you are a GP. As part of this service they provide "a free, personalised practice website". That includes:
  • Personalised practice information
  • All past articles from Your Health newsletter in a searchable database
  • Reliable health links
  • Extensive evidence-based health information, such as a guide to medicines, medical dictionary, health tools and calculators, healthy recipes etc.
  • An appointment booking facility
  • Health Update emails. Patients can register to receive updates of relevant health news by email....
Details of the service
  • Cost: Depends on the number of newsletters you wish to distribute. ($585-<$5000 for 250-5000 copies per quarter)
  • Technical expertise required: None - they will create the website for you although you can also add additional pages of practice information, images and maps.
  • Benefits: As well as a website you get a professional looking patient newsletter including a newsletter management facility and integration between your website and newsletter (ie if you change doctors or doctor's details on the website it flows through to the newsletter).
  • Limitations: The website has a standard look and feel and it is not currently optimised to be found on the web.
They claim the service is already used by over 300 GP practices. You can see samples and more information at the Your Health website.

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