Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More visible on page one - Getting a Google Indented Entry

Have you ever seen Google results with indented entries? Ever wondered how to get one or why it happens?

Why it happens

If you can get two pages on your website ranked highly enough by Google to appear in page 1 it will automatically move the lower rated entry to immediately below the higher ranked entry.

Presumably this is done to make it simpler for users to scan whether or not that website is relevant and find the most relevant page of the two.

See image on right for an example of it occuring twice on the one page (once for ogcg.com.au and once for bubhub.com.au).

I think there are substantial advantages in achieving this for keywords you are trying to attract as your entry will stand out wherever it occurs on the page. Particularly if your highest ranked term is in first place giving you the first and second entries on the page!

How to do it

Well you need to make sure different pages on your website rank well for the keyword you want to have an indented entry. This means not focusing all your optimisation effort on your main page.

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