Monday, March 23, 2009

How to set up your website: web designers and web developers

In this final article of the series I will cover off the options where you entrust a substantial part of your process to professionals - no need to become an expert. 

Web Designer

This option should be taken if you do not wish to get into any of the technical aspects regarding a website. Basically you brief a web designer on your concept, you provide some content and they design and deliver a completed fully functional website. You should ask them to explain how changes can be made in the future and understand whether you will need them to make these changes for you. 

Sometimes web designers have more marketing related skills and can actually write your website content (or rewrite it) based on information you provide.  Those with skills solely in writing web content are called copywriters.
Advantages: Often the fastest way of getting your complete website up and it will look professional.
Disadvantages: The most expensive; it might be hard to make changes

Web Developers

Web developers typically have different skills to web designers. They can program and write software for your website. You would need these skills if you want to set up a complex websites running a database and integrating it into an online shopping cart. 
Advantages: Can create a very customised, interactive and unique website
Disadvantages: May be costly

Once you have your web presence you need to then think about how you promote it. I'll talk through some of the options for this in subsequent posts including search engine optimisation, and online advertising.

Articles in this series: Options, Hosted Pages and Blogs, Websites, Web Designers and Developers.

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