Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Google Webmaster Tools Interface

Google has just updated its webmaster tools interface. It provides some updated functionality and a new look and feel.

Key new features include:
  • a dashboard (with most of what you need to know on the one page)
  • more top search results (up from 20 to 100) to show you which of your pages are displayed in the top results for visitors and which people click through.
Pet peeves include:
  • it doesn't currently list all the links to a website that are shown in the old interface (ie you can't see every site that links to you)
  • it would be great if it send notifications if there was something wrong with your site automatically before someone else noticed it - eg if some error had developed on your site or worse someone had put malware on the site. The public benefit from the later would be enormous.
You can see a brief video of the new interface below or if you use Google Webmaster tools you can log into the new interface directly at Shortly the old interface will be phased out.

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