Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Services and Tools Google offers Advertisers

For those that are new to the online medium or those that have been online for some time you might find it instructive to look at the array of tools and services that Google has lined up behind its efforts to infiltrate the online advertising medium. What started as a side project to Google's main business of search is now the engine room that funds Google's ambitions.
  • It has tools to help you define your strategy, create your ads, execute your ad campaign (buy and place ads) and monitor it.
  • It can place ads online, on mobile phones and even on TV.
Click on the Google advertising worm below to expand the image and see the different tools and resources Google has assembled or see the whole of the Google Advertisers minisite for a more indepth exploration.

One point you should particularly draw from the site which is a bit hidden by all the neat graphical examples for the pet stick advertising example is where you should focus your effort:

Always on the business end of the marketing equation towards optimisation which are high impact. That is not to say strategy, creative or media play no part - they are important but you should spend more time optimising than the strategy or creative. Results talk and are the only real measure of effectiveness no matter how clever a strategy or innovative a creative campaign is.

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