Sunday, August 30, 2009

Free Medical Website creation services

Dr Colin Mendelsohn has published an article on free websites and directory listings in Australian Doctor (Aug 25) titled Free & Easy on free websites and directory listings.

These include:
  • Your Health - Which provides a free website when you sign up for their practice newsletter service.
  • MyDr - Which provides a free website but links back to CMPMedica's medical information and advertising funded website.
  • FamilyGP - Sponsored by MS&D.
Australian Doctor also publishes an interesting articleon 26 August titled which quotes the cost of a website at between $3000-$10,000 so a free service can certainly save money.

The key of course is to carefully evaluate the benefits and shortcomings of any approach, the budget within which you are operating and what you are trying to achieve.

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  1. Thanks Ben
    Nice article on we presence, but not been able to locate the other article on the website as yet.
    Interesting from your summation that the sites listed are all 'free and easy' yet have some conditions attatched. remains free to use, to add medical practices and to link doctors, yet did not warrant a mention.
    Thought I would just add it to the mix of free resources.

  2. this article is very useful for me as beginner in website design and as a health professional. I think website should be as simple as possible.