Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Online advertising up 18.5% in Australia

It seems the trend is continuing a pace as an increasingly large share of advertising dollars are spend online and a 18.5% increase in online advertising to $1.8bn in Australia.

Search and directories accounted for 49% of total advertising expenditure, with general display accounting for 27% and classifieds 24%. Search and directories grew by 25%, general display grew 19.6% and classifieds by 6%

Finance, computers and communications and motor vehicles were the most dominant sections using general display advertising, and account for 45.5% of general display spend. The largest subcategory was motor vehicles - manufacturers, and comprised 9.8% of general display spending for the second quarter of 2009.

No breakout of medical spend but it wouldn't be surprising to see the same trend (off a lower base) in the medical industry.

It is unclear what sites would be included in some of these categories. Presumably Google and Yellow Pages are both included in the search and directories category where spending is growing at 25%. I doubt many medical advertisers (apart from pharamaceutical companies) would use display advertising or online classifieds to a large degree.

The original article on the Interactive Advertising Bureau Australia website.

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