Saturday, February 21, 2009

One Page Online Marketing Guide

Can't see the wood from the trees with your online marketing efforts? I've put together a highly compressed version of my advice around online marketing on one page. 

For beginners it is a readily accessible overview of online marketing and should only take a minute to read. For the more advanced user a bit of a checklist and perhaps an index they can use to jump off to other information sources. All the links should work so it saves a lot of running around or remembering URLs.

It is in colourful PDF format. If you have access to a colour printer why not print it out and keep it handy as a reminder of the things that matter to you so you don't spend too much time on unproductive distractions?

The One Page Online Marketing Guide (1.7MB) covers:
  1. aims and expectations of online marketing
  2. on site optimisation
  3. off site optimisation
  4. paid advertising
  5. measuring results
I'll also post an online collaborative version once I've determined the best format to enable linking to the more detailed articles on the topic and collaboration with others more generally.

To some degree this is a response to all the verbose advice out there particularly from SEO firms who are all trying to put up too much content to rate in the search engines. Too many words too little information.

Tell me what you think. It's not easy to compress it down to one page :-)

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