Friday, August 21, 2009

Yet another online medical directory: Aushealthpages

Cervin Publishing Ltd, a New Zealand company established in 1989, has recently launched AusHealthPages, the companion website to their printed Medical Specialists Australia directory.

The directory:
  • Includes Medical Specialists full contact details (practice addresses, phone, fax, email etc.)
  • Provides Medical Specialists areas and descriptions of specialisation
  • Regional breakdown of Specialists
  • Published annually, in 4 separate editions.
  • Comprehensive Medical Specialist index
  • Extensive breadth of speciality categories
  • High quality, attractive, full colour presentation
  • Consistently structured information to ease comparison and selection
  • Charts to see at a glance Specialists with a particular interest and skill
  • Draws together the entire industry, rather than a segmented geographic or category cut
The web directory is arranged by either searching for a specialty area or a particular name and claims 7,861 specialists entries - where do they get the time to get all this data from I wonder!

To claim an entry to correct it you need to pay. A number of specialists seem to have taken up this option and some sport detailed pages (see eg) with extended contact details, pictures, maps and text - effectively a mini-website.

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